Pennie's Bake Shop & Espresso Bar

BUTLER HAS A NEW BAKERY where guests are coming to engage all the senses. In August of 2013, our wedding cake shop expanded to a storefront featuring a wide variety of our favorite recipes and specialty desserts, also available by the serving.  Come indulge in our full-service espresso bar, loose leaf teas, fruit smoothies, and sparkling Italian sodas. With over forty years of experience, Pennie leads a team of pastry chefs and bakers to prepare cinnamon rolls, scones, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cheesecakes and much more!  We also offer an assortment of Gluten Free products!  For standout specialties and exceptional service, visit our shop for a unique experience that begs to be repeated!

Our mission is simple: Happy Guests.  Our goal is to give everyone a taste of our passion through the many special desserts we offer and personal attention we give.  We don’t consider ourselves a business in the normal sense of the word. We consider ourselves a family, and we’d like our guests to feel the same way.  When we see that small smile of delight appear on a person’s face after sampling a pastry, or look of awe after trying our coffee for the first time, we’ve accomplished our goal.  Closed on Sundays.

Pennie's Bake Shop & Espresso Bar
800 New Castle St
Butler, PA 16001
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