Flour & Sugar Cakery

Gourmet cupcake shop that offers from scratch cupcakes and cookies for any special occasion!

Flour & Sugar Cakery's mission is to spread happiness one piece of cake at a time!

I am a Cranberry Twp. native, Seneca Valley graduate, and a graduate of Kent State University.

I was inspired by my grandmother to learn the art of baking through many holiday baking lessons.

We specialize in buttercream design, and I am committed to using only high quality ingredients like Madagascar Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, European Style Butter and the finest flour.

You can taste the difference!

Flour & Sugar Cakery is passionate about making treats that will make your celebration even sweeter!

Flour & Sugar Cakery
673 Castle Creek Dr. EXT Suite 102
Seven Fields, PA 16046
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