Slippery Rock Development Event Committee

Slippery Rock Borough’s downtown district serves as the community’s front door and creates the first impression potential residents, business owners, Slippery Rock University students and employees acquire of the place. Unfortunately, the image and economic vitality of the district had slipped over time to the point that its deteriorated condition and worn-out appearance was discouraging both economic development in the borough and enrollment at the university.

Although previous town-gown attempts to address the situation had yielded some improvements, community and university leaders came together in 1999 to develop a bold new vision of Slippery Rock’s future.

The group came to call itself Slippery Rock Development (SRD). It’s guiding principal was: investment drives economic development, and Slippery Rock will be revitalized by investing in its downtown, becoming a visitor attraction and a place where residents can enjoy living, eating, shopping and playing. Change is possible when there is a community will.