The Woods at Eisler Farms

Once upon a time in 1939, John and Dorothy Eisler stumbled upon a gorgeous little farm in Butler County. They immediately decided to marry here and make it their home. As the years passed, John and Dorothy fell in love with the land and even deeper in love with each other. They raised 6 children on the farm, along with horses, flowers, fruit and trees of all sorts. Three generations have now grown up at Eisler Farms, continuing the tradition of marrying and raising a family here. This land has a magic to it, everything it touches flourishes and grows strong; that’s why we decided in 2016, to restore our century old barn as a wedding venue, Pinehall. After four years we decided to expand, and have decided to open a new and magical venue in the forest, called The Woods at Eisler Farms. We can’t wait to share even more happily ever afters with you.