Butler County Service Excellence Awards Return for the Summer

Customer Service Excellence Program to Recognize Outstanding Employees with Prizes

BUTLER (June 28, 2022): The Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau (BCTCB) has announced that beginning July1, it will reinstate its Butler County Service Excellence Awards (BCSEA) program. The program is designed to recognize exceptional customer service and will provide resources for businesses to create a culture of service.

“Recognizing exceptional customer service is paramount to enhancing the Butler County visitor’s experience,” Jack Cohen, President of BCTCB, said. “By focusing on the fundamentals of a great customer experience we want to cultivate an environment where excellent customer service is recognized and rewarded county wide.”

Individual recognitions for the county-wide program will be based on nominations from a seven-member panel of “Ambassadors of Excellence,” who will visit businesses in different geographical regions of Butler County.

When an Ambassador recognizes an employee providing exceptional service, the Ambassador will present the employee with a pin and only then identify themselves.

All nominees will be judged on a uniform series of criteria.

The program will end August 31 and nominations are to be submitted by Sept. 6 to the  BCTCB, which will announce all nominees at the BCSEA Appreciation Event.

In addition to the pin, all nominees will receive a certificate of appreciation, a $25 Butler County Tourism Gift Certificate. Three Finalists will be selected based on the entries received with the grand prize winner receiving $500 in gift certificates and two runner’s up receiving $250 each in gift certificates.

The BCSEA was initially operated in 2017 and 2018, but has been revived.

“Butler County is a special place with special people,” Cohen said. “When employees display outstanding customer service skills they should be recognized because they are a reflection of what we’re all about.”

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