Native Plant Sale

Landscape with Native Plants
More than just pretty plants!

Make your yard more wildlife friendly – add native plants to your landscape!

“Plants are not optional on this planet. With few exceptions, neither we or anything else, can live without them.” – Douglas Tallamy

Location: Stormy Oaks Nature Conservancy

Address: 120 Forsythe Road, Valencia, PA 16059

Time: Noon – 4 PM

Education is at the core of everything we do and it's pretty amazing to have a wide variety of native plant options growing at Stormy Oaks Nature Conservancy. It has taken more than a decade of patience and commitment to identify non-native plant species and replace with native plant species that have an abundance of benefits!

North American plant species are uniquely adapted to our weather patterns and can thrive in a variety of soil types. Many are hardy, low maintenance, and easy to establish.
Deep root systems protect our soil and mitigate flooding. Most native plants do not need regular supplemental watering or fertilizer.

Unlike exotic plants, local wildflowers are perfectly suited to feed pollinators. Specialist bees must visit very specific flowers to provide food for the next generation.

Native species are host plants and are vital for pollinator life cycles. Many species of butterflies only have one host plant, and without it, they can not complete their life cycle.

Promote biodiversity by attracting pollinators and wildlife visitors to your own backyard. Native plants can naturally provide food for birds.

Our annual native plant sale benefitting Wildbird Recovery is on Sunday, May 28, 2023. Every pot is prepared with love! We choose from our native plants, dig up, and pot so that you have the opportunity to learn about and grow native plants in your yard. Quantities at the plant sale are limited and availability is subject to change even at the last minute. Nature is unpredictable. Do not worry, there are still many native plant species to choose from!

If you have questions or would like added to our waitlist for native plants, please email

*Quantities are Limited*

Plant List 2023

Smaller Pots Planted:

Amsonia Blue Ice
Black-eyed Susan
Blazing Star
Common Milkweed
Common Violets
Common Yarrow
Coral Bells
Coral Honeysuckle
Cup Plant
Iris Cristata
Meehania Mint
New England Aster
Northern Sea Oats
Obedient Plant
Prickly Pear
Queen of the Prairie
Scarlet Bee Balm
Wild Geranium
Winterberry Holly

*Quantities are Limited*

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May 28 2023 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Stormy Oaks Nature Conservancy
120 Forsythe Road
Valencia, PA 16059
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