The Strand's Purple Piano: A Prince Tribute

An Intimate One-Man Performance Dedicated to the Music and Artistry of Prince |

We could not be more excited for the return of unrivaled Prince Tribute Artist, MARSHALL CHARLOFF and his intimate one-man concert, Purple Piano! When it debuted here in January, 2022, many fans questioned whether or not a concert with just a piano could capture the spirit of Prince’s music. Well, if you saw this incredible show, you know the answer! If you missed it, you will want to correct that error for certain!

Purple Piano reflects Prince’s final concert tour, which was just the iconic artist, his piano and a microphone. Prior to its start, Prince said, “I’m doing it to challenge myself, I won’t know what songs I’m going to do when I go on stage. I won’t have to, since I won’t have a band”. Ultimately, it was Prince’s final tour due to his untimely passing in 2016.

The world’s premiere Prince Tribute Artist, MARSHALL CHARLOFF crafted Purple Piano, which recreates Prince’s final tour, delivered with superb vocals and amazing musicianship on a single piano. It is an interactive and intimate show that any Prince fan will want to experience.

For over a decade, Marshall has established his dominance as the world’s leading Prince Tribute Artist. Coming from fronting the greatest Prince tribute show in the world, to working with The Atlanta Rhythm Section and writing and producing for The Commodores, Marshall created his solo tribute to Prince, the only production of its kind in the world. Purple Piano was so enthusiastically received that it landed a full-time residency in LAS VEGAS, delighting Prince fans from across the globe.

Purple Piano celebrates the soul and intimacy of Prince’s final concert tour, but takes it a step further as Strand patrons are treated, not only to world-class musicianship and engaging graphics and video, but fascinating stories about Prince’s life and career. Purple Piano is a truly satisfying artistic and interactive experience for fans of ‘The Purple One’!

Sunday ONLY!
January 8, 2023, 3pm & 7:00pm

$25 – $30 Reserve Seating

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Jan 8 2023 (All day)
The Strand Theater PA
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