Summer Adventures in Butler County

When you think of awesome places to go, let’s be honest, Butler County probably doesn’t top your list. But looking back at my Instagram, I’ve made a lot of awesome memories here in the last few months! This is why you, your family and friends should visit here! It’s an affordable, convenient getaway. How so? Let’s start with dessert first.

This image will probably make your mouth water without an explanation, but I’m guessing you want to know what it is and where you can find it… This is a crepe with fresh berries and Nutella from Wunderbar in Harmony. They use buckwheat flour from Zanella Milling, making them gluten free. Score!

Next is chicken on a stick from Jimmy Wan’s. This was from a party and may not be on the regular menu, but I can recommend the “eight treasure rice.” It’s got shrimp, chicken, pineapple and more; my go-to. Yum!

Wait, that’s a cardinal, not food? Right you are. However, this cute guy kept visiting our window while dining at the Log Cabin Inn. I went there for the lamest reason ever - because I was craving cornbread - but the whole menu is delicious.

Sometimes a girl (or guy) needs a drink. I discovered a new treasure - Long Island iced tea from Sports & Spirits in Evans City. They’re huge! (Beer shown for scale.) They also have tons of trophies because their chicken wings are awesome.

Another place to get your happy hour on is Hotel Saxonburg. I was there for a young professionals event which just so happened to coincide with the town’s “Mingle on Main.” This is exactly what it sounds like… the town (and visitors) gets together to party on Main Street. There’s shopping, dining, antique cars, entertainment and socialization. These happen the third Thursday of every month throughout the summer.

So I cheated… the next picture is not in Butler County. But it’s from the Brooklyn Bridge, which was designed by John Roebling, the founder of Saxonburg and inventor of wire rope. There’s actually a pretty big replica of the bridge in Saxonburg, paying homage to Roebling. It’s a kodak-moment-roadside-attraction for sure.

The third picture is a bit of a trick, too. At first glance, you might think it’s a color run. However, this is even better. It’s like an explosive color run. LionFire Festival, which happens every Memorial Day weekend at Cooper’s Lake Campground, has fireworks all evening long, including “smoke” fireworks during the daylight hours. I was definitely fascinated.

The next picture is also at Cooper’s Lake and IS a run - the Bantam Jeep Muddy 5K. I am no runner (I finished in the bottom 10%), but I had a grand time splashing, crawling and navigating the mud. And hey, I completed it! #confidence

Not only did I do the mud run, but I also volunteered at the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival. Jeeping is one of my favorite Butler County activities. After all, the Jeep was born here, so there’s no better place to do it!

While riding around, you can discover some truly amazing things, such as this #nofilter sunset on Upper Harmony Road near Route 528.

Another spot for stunning views is Moraine State Park. I enjoy kayaking, but there are a ton of ways to explore the park on land and sea.

Just taking a suburban walk can also be quite delightful. I discovered some busy bees working in a rhododendron. Yay for local honey! (See Freedom Farms or Harvest View Farm.)

You can see cute kitties and beautiful architecture while walking around, too.

Now, jumping all over the place, here are some fun attractions. Stock your candy dish and satisfy your sweet tooth with your favorite candies from Baldingers. I <3 Mary Janes.

Paint parties are a great way to unleash your creativity and connect with friends, coworkers, or new people. Both Brushes & Barstools and The Art Center in downtown Butler offer paint parties. This is one of my masterpieces, approved by my perfect kitty, Scout. P.S. she’s sleeping on a pet bed from WestPark Alpacas. Go there or one of many other alpaca shops for the best socks you’ll ever own.

Last but not least, Butler County is awesome because of its proximity to Pittsburgh. I’ve enjoyed concerts, museums, sporting events and more, all within a half-hour drive.

What summer adventures have you had? Share them with me for a chance to be featured on our social media pages!