Plan the Perfect Day in Butler County

How to get the most out of the new Butler County Mobile App

Planning the perfect day in Butler County, PA just got easier! The Tourism Bureau has launched a new digital mapping tool that helps visitors and residents alike plan their day with a new mobile app, Visit Butler County, PA! This interactive experience provides a new way to explore what Butler County has to offer, including upcoming events, popular restaurants, top attractions, shopping and points of interest.

You might have a few questions, so let’s get started!

1. How do I get the app?
The free app, Visit Butler County, PA! can be accessed through our website or downloaded to your mobile device in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store



2. Ok, I got it.  Now what?
After the app is downloaded, you are greeted with a beautiful picture of Moraine State Park, then introduced to the main screen of the platform.  You may either log in by navigating through the menu tab to [settings], or continue as a guest. Creating your own account allows you to save “plans” and access “plans” that you save offline.  View the site all at once or search by categories like Breweries, Outdoors, Family Fun and more!


3. So what’s the deal with the plans?
Your “plan” includes all of the restaurants, attractions and other businesses in the county that you want to visit.  Within your “plan”, you create a list of businesses that you wish to visit and reference as you go about your life and leisure!  If you have a plan that you love, share it through messaging, email or social media by simply tapping the send arrow at the top right-hand corner of your plan screen.

See an upcoming Event you don’t want to miss? Click “Join” and the event will be added to your plan.  That restaurant everyone keeps telling you about? Click “Add to Plan” and you won’t forget to try it.


4. How do I Search for and add Attractions to my Plans?
On the menu of the app, there are two categories of attractions to search: “Eat & Sleep” and “Play”.  After clicking on either category, a list of businesses is shown that you may either scroll through as is or narrow your search field.  The funnel icon on the upper right-hand corner of the screen allows you to filter the search results. You may also search names of businesses in the search bar if you are looking for a specific name.  If you see something you like and want to add to your plan, simply tap the plus sign on the item you wish to add. Voila! Now you know how to add things to your plan!


Explore something new and maximize your time with the new app, Visit Butler County!