101 most comfortable cities for travelers

101 most comfortable cities for travelers:

Vacations are all about the excitement of dabbling in a new city—stumbling across hole-in-the-wall restaurants, getting lost at museum exhibits, and flirting with the nightlife. After a day’s worth of adventures in a new city, there’s nothing quite as good as the promise of a cloud-like hotel mattress and feathery pillows.

Contrary to popular belief, there is rest for the weary, and it is possible to find hotel comfort during your travels. Here at Expedia Viewfinder, we understand the challenges of finding heavenly linens and comfortable beds while road tripping or city hopping, so we took matters into our own hands.

We pulled 2014 data from millions of verified Expedia user reviews, and determined the top 101 U.S. cities with the highest hotel comfort ratings. These reviews covered everything from the most comfortable hotel beds to the coziest amenities. The top score for the best cities was 4.6 out of 5, with the last city on the list ranking a score of 4.2. We spotlighted the top 10 cities and provided a sneak peek of 10 other contenders:

#8 - Cranberry Township!

With a name like Cranberry Township, this city is bound to be sweet. Located 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, it’s a quaint Pennsylvania town that features a number of inviting parks that attract both visitors and locals. During the summertime, cannonball into the pool at Cranberry Township Community Waterpark, where you’ll find a massive 120-foot waterslide, or land a handplant at the AE Ride Skatepark. Cranberry Township also features Graham Park, North Boundary Park, Rotary Dog Park, and other open spaces.