Harvest Valley Farms

Harvest Valley Farms (HVF) is a fourth generation family farm. Although the farm began as a poultry and vegetable farm, it was turned entirely to vegetable production in 1982. Harvest Valley Farms believes in growing the highest quality product using the least amount of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers necessary. These applications are greatly reduced by the long-term process of building the soil structure.

PA Simply Sweet Onions are a prime crop of our farm, and help set us apart from other farms in the area. PA Simply Sweet Onions are a special crop requiring specialized techniques and parameters to grow and market. In order to qualify as a Simply Sweet Onion, the crop must adhere to precise criteria which control the amount of moisture in the onion, thus controlling the consistency and the flavor of this special crop.

Consistent soil management coupled with the use of green manure, organic material amendments, wet lime, crop rotation, heavy mulching, and less tillage has contributed to the continuing process of building an effective soil structure. Through the judicious application of “green” practices, we can offer our customers fresh, nutritious, and healthy produce, living our motto:
From our farm to your table!

Harvest Valley Farm Market & Bakery
6003 Cunningham Road
Gibsonia, PA 15044
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Big Butler Fair
Jun 30 2023 - 9:00am to Jul 8 2023 - 8:00pm
Prospect, PA
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We offer a senior citizen discount for 55 and older on Thursdays at Harvest Valley Farm Market and Bakery.