Dig in

Explore life on the frontier of an 18th-century farm at Providence Plantation.  Reenactors will immerse you in frontier life and even serve a meal just like one that would have been shared years ago.

While the exquisite jade and ivory sculptures at the Maridon Museum aren’t available to touch, the docents will invite you to put your hands on some sample pieces of those priceless materials so you can feel the textures and forms of the materials that were transformed by talented Asian artisans.  Tea and Take Part Tours are a new way for visitors to experience heritage arts and crafts at the Heritage School.  While courses are offered for students who want to immerse themselves in a trade or craft, visitors can also experience tea and a guided tour of the grounds and participate in a scheduled activity taking place that day.

If the idea of exploring unique shops, combined with hands-on fun sounds appealing to you, you can do that here, too.  One example is the Appalachian Rock Shop & Jewelry Emporium.  Feel the textures of hundreds of rocks and minerals, or create a souvenir from your Butler County trip by making a necklace, earrings or a bracelet out of thousands of eye-catching beads.

Hands-on activities are also featured during some of our most popular annual events.  In May, the Butler Outdoor Club’s Outdoor Extravaganza invites people to join experienced adventurers in the great outdoors.  At the Regatta at Lake Arthur, fishing, kayaking and canoe clinics take place.  At the Farm Tour, families open their farms to guests to teach them about daily operations, planting crops and hard-working equipment.